Consulting & Business Advising

In addition to specialized services in accounting and tax preparation, our broad range of business expertise makes us a valuable resource in other areas of your business.  Collectively, we possess the knowledge, experience, education, and varied skill sets to be your most trusted business advisor.  We offer many value-added services to help your business gain the competitive advantage it needs to be more successful.  Let us help you reap the benefits increased efficiency, control, and insight can bring.

Financial Planning

E.S. Evans and Company can assist with the development of a long-term financial plan for you and/or your business to ensure strategic and efficient financial decisions.  Our specialized knowledge of tax regulations can provide a path to minimize tax liability and increase your financial worth.

Business Valuation

We can assist in determining the value of your business for purposes of a sale or gift, or in the connection of a property settlement.  There are a multitude of factors that can contribute to the value of a business.  Our experienced staff can help you with the critical analysis of your business’ value so you can make decisions confidently.

Long-Range and Strategic Planning

Long-range and strategic planning is an important ongoing aspect of your personal finances and business operations.  Setting goals and establishing a plan presents opportunities for growth, identifies weaknesses, and uncovers new opportunities.  By analyzing data, we can identify strategic decisions that would benefit you and your future endeavors.


Entity Selection and Restructuring

Businesses have flexibility on how they want to be taxed at the federal level by choosing the type of entity to organize as.  Options available to business owners include:

  • C-Corporation
  • S-Corporation
  • Limited Liability Company
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Partnership

Each of these structures offer advantages and disadvantages when it comes to taxation.  The type of entity your business selects will also impact the way each state handles your business income for tax purposes.  The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has substantially changed business taxation.  More than ever, the type of business entity you operate can dramatically affect the taxes you pay.

A review of your business entity selection should be completed when starting a new business, during any shareholder transitions, when expanding, and when your business is restructuring.  Our experts can assist with initial entity selection or restructuring processes to minimize the overall tax liability for the business and its owners.

Accounting System Implementation

E.S. Evans and Company can assist with the implementation of new accounting systems, along with the modernization of current accounting processes your business is using to improve efficiency and accuracy.  Our specialized knowledge in accounting procedures and software can support your business by providing up-to-date systems, efficient processes, and reliable information for your business to utilize.  We can also assist in the development of an appropriate chart of accounts.  Our QuickBooks ProAdvisors can assist with the implementation of QuickBooks software and provide training for your staff members to ensure a smooth transition.

Internal Control Structure Review

Internal controls are an important aspect of any accounting system and we can help by reviewing and designing effective and efficient internal controls to ensure that your accounting system is producing reliable information about your business operations.  Through segregation of duties, lines of authority, periodic reviews, and other procedures, we can help you protect your business resources from improper handling, theft, and misuse.

Fraud Examination

E.S. Evans and Company can provide your business with internal fraud risk assessments and suggest organization-specific controls to reduce your risk of fraud.  In the event that you suspect fraudulent activity, we can conduct a fraud examination to determine whether fraud has or is occurring and who is responsible.